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LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010Trieu Hoang, Australian adult producer abbywinters.com’s VP of Business Development, is attending this year’s AVN AEE and InterNEXT conventions.

Hoang is also in Las Vegas to meet with companies expressing an interest in abbywinters.com content. “abbywinters.com is unique and raunchy, it’s the best amateur adult site. It’s unique and fresh, and is in demand,” said Hoang.

Catch Hoang at the conventions or email him on trieu.hoang@abbywinters.com to arrange a meeting.

We’re motivated by principles of social responsibility, we deliver provocative media by embracing imagination, creativity and emerging technologies. Our models, customers and business partners are inspired by our fervid passion.

The nerdy stuff

Our shoots are shot HD1080i/50 using the DCVProHD codec and P2 tapeless workflow. The master output files below are provided for transcoding. We can customise our transcode workflow to suit the majority of asset deployments from purely web-based IPTV to fixed box cable VOD and many things in between. Encoded files can be accompanied by industry/commercial standard metadata (Hid/ISCI/Dur/Spot/Cli) and can include MD5 checksums and other custom data. Similarly, closed captions can be added to some formats. Files are delivered off site via SFTP.

If you would like to distribute our content, download one of the files below — let us know if you need a different file format —and test it on your system.


Source Files

abbywinters_Avid-DVCProHD1080i50_8bit_120Mbps-QT.mov (1,997MB)
Avid-DVCProHD, HD1080i50 (1920×1080, 25fps, interlaced), 120Mbps, QuickTime with embedded Stereo PCM audio.
This is our NLE systems output file (above) from which the following master encodes were created.

VOD/IPTV appliance or server ingest file masters:

abbywinters_HD1080_MPEG2_PS_25Mbps [397MB]
MPEG2 (HD-4:2:2), HD1080p25 (1920×1080, 25fps, progressive), Program Stream, 25Mbps, .mpg container, MPEG1Layer2 Stereo 48KHz 384Kbps audio.
abbywinters_HD1080_MPEG2_VOD-TS_25Mbps [514MB]
MPEG2(HD-4:2:2), HD1080p25 (1920×1080, 25fps, progressive), Transport Stream, 25Mbps, .ts container, AES 2 channel 48KHz 2250Kbps audio. (Default PIDs: PMT=480, VID=481, AUD=482)
abbywinters_HD1080_h264_PS_25Mbps [431MB]
h.264, High profile, level 4.1, HD1080p25 (1920×1080, 25fps, progressive), Program Stream, 25Mbps, .mpg container, AAC Stereo 48KHz 384Kbps audio.
abbywinters_HD1080_h264_TS_25Mbps [446MB]
h.264, High profile, level 4.1, HD1080p25 (1920×1080, 25fps, progressive), Transport Stream, 25Mbps, .ts container, AAC Stereo 48KHz 384Kbps audio.

Flash Streaming Server ingest files:

abbywinters_HD1080_Flash9_h264 [809MB]
h.264-Flash9, 1920×1080, 25fps, progressive, open bit-rate, .f4v container, AAC Stereo 48KHz 192Kbps audio.

abbywinters_HD1080_Flash8-VP6_25Mbps-CBR [36.5MB]
Flix-VP6 Flash, 1920×1080, 25fps, progressive, 25Mbps-CBR, .flv container, MP3 Stereo 44.1KHz 192Kbps audio. (No buffers or streaming settings pre-defined)

Mobile Device Transcodes:

abbywinters_iPhone_640x360_1500Kbps [25.9MB]
MPEG-4, 640×360, 25fps, 1.5Mbps, .mp4 container, AAC-LC Stereo 48KHz 128Kbps audio (ISMA compatible, no streaming settings pre-defined)

abbywinters_3GP_160x90_350Kbps [6.2MB]
MPEG4-3GPP (Mobile MP4), 160×90, 15fps, 250Kbps, .3gp container, AAC-LC Mono 44.1KHz 96Kbps audio

Windows Media Services Streaming Server ingest file:

abbywinters_HD1080_WMV9_20Mbps [300MB]
WMV9, 1920×1080, 25fps, progressive, Program Stream, 20Mbps, .wmv container, WMA9 Stereo 48KHz 192Kbps audio.
(Buffer size unspecified, IPV SpectraView compatible, no closed caption track)


abbywinters.com goes to AVN

DVDs win industry awards; abbywinters to partner with Wicked Pictures

January 9, 2008 – Following one of the most talked about AEE convention debuts in Las Vegas last week, leading adult producer abbywinters.com is excited to announce that their Intimate Moments DVD line has won the highly coveted AVN Industry award for Best Amateur Series.
Click here for the full announcement.

December 18, 2007 – abbywinters.com and Wicked Pictures to sign long-term exclusive distribution agreement at AEE.
Click here for the full announcement.

abbywinters.com exhibits at AEE, announces ambitious 2008 plans

January 9, 2008 – Leading adult website and producer abbywinters.com, exhibiting for the first time at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, this week announced a plethora of exciting new plans and initiatives for 2008.

Abbywinters.com received the Best Adult Website award at the Australian Adult Industry Awards for the second year in a row, and garnered AVN nominations for Best All-Girl Series and Best Amateur Series. 2007 was a great year. CEO Garion Hall said, “Launching our 2008 plans at our AEE debut is a huge thrill!”

The long term global exclusive DVD distribution deal with Wicked Pictures was signed today at AEE by Hall and Wicked Pictures head Steve Orenstein. Wicked, a major player in the industry with a long history of excellence, is the ideal partner for abbywinters.com. All abbywinters.com DVD sales and distribution will move to Wicked.

Partnering with Wicked Pictures, abbywinters.com will see their DVD content distributed even more widely around the world to its many fans. The company is planning even more of the highly successful Girl-Girl Hardcore and Intimate Moments masturbation series.

The Australian company’s next major initiative of 2008 – projected to occur in Australia’s autumn (spring in the US) – is to split the site into three separate daughter sites, each a distinct aspect of the abbywinters.com experience but faithful to the successful and popular abbywinters philosophy.

Site subscriptions include shoots of solo models, girl-girl content ranging from soft-core group shoots (abbywinters Girl-Girl Fun and abbywinters Girl-Girl Makeout) to girls having full on sex (abbywinters Girl-Girl Hardcore), masturbation videos (Intimate Moments) and other peripherals focusing on members and models interacting.

After the site split, subscribers can choose access to any combination of solo, masturbation, or girl-girl shoots, at various modular prices. The move allows subscribers to customize their content while also paving the way for adding new types of content. All content will follow the abbywinters ethos: happy, healthy, natural models performing spontaneously and without scripting or ‘faking’.

Launching with the site-split, will be a significant brand redesign, a website redesign with more Web 2.0 features, more model interactivity, H.264 encoded Hi Def videos, and a slew of other features.

The site has just rolled out a new tour, featuring a prodigious quantity of video and photography from the site. DVD Producer Joanne Mason has been appointed to Vice President for Marketing and Business Development, and the company is bringing on new marketing staff in Australia.

The abbywinters.com website remains the core of the company’s business, but is being targeted to exciting new markets, in Europe and elsewhere. In conjunction with this, other language translations of the site are in the works, starting with the tour. And other avenues of distribution are being developed, including satellite, cable, VOD, and broadband. Having experienced relentless growth over the seven years the company has been in business, abbywinters.com is continuously finding more growth opportunities and potential.

In sum, the past was golden and the future is bright for leading adult company abbywinters.com!

abbywinters.com: Hot girls. Real sex. Real orgasms. Passionate. Unscripted.

The Australian website and adult media producer abbywinters.com is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet. The content focuses on healthy, happy, natural Aussie girls getting naked. Passionate love-making scenes between girls who do it their own way – nothing scripted and nothing faked. Genuine masturbation by girls in private, getting off for the camera without direction. And much more.

Since 2000, abbywinters.com has maintained its vision of shooting amateur Australian models in regular clothes, in their own bedrooms (or outside amongst Australia’s flora), many with full pubic hair. The website is updated daily with new material completely exclusive to abbywinters.com and shot by the in-house all-female crew.

DVD information: dvd.abbywinters.com
Press information: press.abbywinters.com
General inquiries: abby@abbywinters.com

DVD Sales: Contact Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures DVD enquiries:
+1 (818) 349-3593
US Sales: Bonnie Kail
International sales: Steven Vlottes

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