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about abbywinters.com

“I just want to see hot amateur models presented as they really are: hot amateur models.” So thought Abby to herself back in 2000. But everywhere she looked she saw girls glammed up to look like “porn stars”. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and do it right. Her models are fresh, unspoiled, beautiful and healthy. Her photography is breath-taking, detailed, well-lit and – above all – SEXY.

Nearly seven years later, abbywinters.com is still true to Abby’s inspiration. It features healthy, joyful Australian girls having fun and being naked. Nothing is faked: real girls, real settings, real sex, real orgasms.

Yes, real orgasms! Finally!

The site has three main sections. First, solo girls sharing their real personalities and sexualities in stills and videos – their thoughts on sex, not what they think people want to hear. Second, “Intimate Moments”, a video-only masturbation section with real orgasms and no camera operator – cameras set up on tripods – sometimes there are two girls together, interacting and reacting to the situation at to each other. Third, the girl-girl section with scenes ranging from 16 nudes doing yoga to two girls having the most full-on, intense sex ever caught on camera. Girl-girl scenes are caught on stills and video.

On top of this, there’s tons of bonus features like Lists, where the member can make a list of his own of images, stills or shoots, and keep it private or make it public; an active forum with members, staff and models participating all the time (several hundred posts every day!); a members’ news page – viewable by guests as well – and so much more.

There are also two extremely successful lines of DVDs. One is of the Intimate Moments masturbation scenes, the other is girl-girl content. Most content is pulled from the site, some is shot just for DVD.

All of this – content, DVDs, site – done in the down-to-earth, respectful, joyful abbywinters style. All the models are fresh, natural and unspoiled by “careers” in porn or acting. The content is completely original, completely exclusive to the site, filmed only by the in-house, all-female crew.

Garion Hall – CEO

Fastidiously meticulous and brilliantly informal, Garion is the charismatic leader of the abbywinters phenomenon. He’s led the company from contented anonymity to a world-wide phenomenon, one that is growing rapidly in popularity and fame, subverting the dominant paradigm and challenging the very definition of ‘mainstream porn’.

Garion Hall, CEO of abbywinters.com, had been friends with Abby Winters since long before they started of the website together in 2000 – they met doing lighting for shows, travelling the country. Now Managing Director, he’s been the effective head of the company and main driver for the website since 2002 when Abby stepped down.

It’s the studied lighting technique and imaginative artistic eye that Abby developed during their travels that’s led to the characteristic “abby look”: images flooded with sunlight and saturated with textures, buoyed by accentuated curves and brimming with smiles. You can spot an abbywinters.com image a mile away! Garion has rigorously continued Abby’s tradition of precise, considered technique and a vision that is both sexy and natural.

These days, however, Garion spends little time finessing lighting. Instead, he’s actively managing the company. With herculean endurance, Garion keeps tabs on and generates ideas in all areas of the company, from themes in videos to website design, HR initiatives to affiliate programs, stills selection to marketing.

There is now an ever-growing demand for amateurs being amateurs (instead of looking and acting like porn stars). Pubic hair, genuine sexuality, real orgasms and unscripted passionate girl-girl encounters – all shot in the models own homes – are replacing the previous generation’s worn-out, unrealistic, over-directed material.

And we have Garion’s leadership in pursuing and disseminating the abbywinters.com site and paradigm to thank!

“This company is my heart and soul. There from the beginning, I have watched it grow with the fondness and excitement of a parent. Abby and I had an idea of changing the industry from an artificial parody of love to a true representation of intimacy, from a dark cave with seedy desires and malevolent connotations to a sun-filled playground with integrity and morals. So far, so good.”

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