AVN/AEE: abbywinters.com models appearing at AVN AEE ’08


Age: 25 City: Melbourne Profession: office assistant

“I like having a good time while keeping it intense, honest, sexy and fun. AEE – Australia’s finest rub shoulders with the best of what the rest of the world has to offer. abbywinters.com is the place for those who like watching the real deal! Thousands of shoots, stills and video, and the most genuine, honest, lovely and fresh girls on the planet – often getting it on with each other…take a peek!”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments (with Irene), Girl-Girl (with Katya Y), more >>
DVD’s: Intimate Moments: Getting Off

Our blonde bombshell with the piercing green eyes is Anneke – although, I dunno if her eyes would be the first thing you noticed! Anneke loves shooting video, and has also starred in a bunch herself – including one where she shows us her porn collection! She’s an animal lover with a heart of gold and a smile to match. She’s also great at getting the other models inspired and working hard – makes our lives a lot easier, thanks Anneke!

Chloe B

Age: 22 City: Melbourne Profession: languages student

“Hey everyone! I’m Chloe and have been working with abbywinters.com for roughly three years now! It’s the best adult website ever, making every shoot as much fun as possible, and the crew members are awesome – they are like my second family – I love them! Can’t wait to go to AEE, meet all the lovely members and blow them away…watch out – here we come!!”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl (with Marigold), more >>
DVD’s: Girls Down Under, Girls In The Groove, Next Door Girls, Intimate Moments Shared

Chloe’s boobs are frequently the topic of conversation, and I won’t let that stop me from bringing your attention to them once again! What a pair she has, and how she carries them around all day without any back pain is beyond me. She’s a real trooper our Chloe, loves a bbq and the football, and of course getting it on with as many AW girls as she can. Far be it from us to stop her!


Age: 25 City: Sydney Profession: multimedia student

“I was a child who was always running around, taking her clothes off. So to be able to do it with such a wonderful group as abbywinters.com and in Las Vegas at AEE … it’s a dream come true!”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl (with Adeline), more >>
DVD’s: Girls In Love, Intimate Moments, Girls In Private, Intimate Orgasms

Gabrielle is a senior model, having done awesome shoots with us since 2002. She’s got a great body, a sharp intellect and she knows exactly what she likes sexually. Resident computer geek, Gabrielle’s sense of play inspires us all to branch out and get adventurous!


Age: 22 City: Melbourne Profession: AWHQ Photographer

“Anyone who wants to join in the adventure of trying to break down the stereotype of the existing erotic industry should definitely come check out, or better yet, be part of abbywinters.com! Unlike chocky cake and triple-chocolate ice-cream, eating up life is good for you. In the time I’ve got in this world it is my love to discover and enjoy the bliss of as many varied things as I can, all while being truly honest to myself and those around me…living life in alignment with yourself is really one very rewarding journey…”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl (Beach girls), more >>
DVD’s: Girls In Rhythm, More Intimate Moments

Jacki is our budding photographer, she loves getting naked and getting her camera out – which is just fine with us! She was the first girl we picked for this project, and lucky we did; she sets a fine example for the other models with her participation and downright hotness! Jacki lives with her dog, her lizard and her sauna…go figure!


Age: 20 City: Melbourne Profession: retail manager

“I’m excited about rockin’ Las Vegas with this bunch of gorgeous girls – I know the stall will stand out and impress all AEE attendees by showing off how awesome Aussie chicks really are!!”

Shoots: Solo, Girl-Girl (Bellydancing), more >>

The newest of the bunch, Julietta had only done one solo shoot when she auditioned for AVN. No way did we think such a newbie would impress us so much! But her Aussie down-to-earth attitude, love of surfing and captivating smile won us over in a heartbeat. Julietta is also the baby of the group, at just 20 – no gambling in Vegas for her!


Age: 23 City: Melbourne Profession: nurse

“I’m Marigold, really happy to be part of the team. I’ve been with abbywinters for 3 years, and I love it. abbywitners provides an awesome outlet for me, to express my love of sexy ladies and getting naked. It’s going to be an awesome time in Vegas – we’re going to blow them away.”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl (with Theresa), more >>
DVD’s: Girls Down Under, Girls Playing With Girls, Intimate Moments: Secret Pleasures

Apart from being gorgeous, funny, quirky and friendly – Marigold is also our resident nurse! What more could you want from a woman? Marigold has done a bunch of fiery Girl-Girl shoots – with awesome models such as Theresa, Ava and her best buddy Chloe B. She loves metal music and seeing love bands – and would never knock back a beer. She’s my kinda girl!


Melita - abbywinters.comAge: 22 City: Melbourne Profession: booker at AWHQ

“AEE is going to be an eye-opening experience for all the other companies, seeing how we do it. Me, I’m a very passionate person. abbywinters.com and it’s paradigm is something I strongly support and am passionate about.”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments (with Violet), more >>

They say that good things come in small packages, and they got that bang on the money with our Melita! She may be short, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in fun! She’s very organised and writes super neatly, which we love around here. She’s also just started doing some Girl-Girl shoots, and by all accounts is having a rocking time!


Age: 26 City: Melbourne Profession: psychology student

“Petria loves to slumber but if she’s awake she is here it samba! Sugar spice, and everything nice – that’s what the Abby Girls have in store for you! Adult Video News – you can’t have news without the adults!”

Shoots: Solo, Deviations, Girl-Girl (with Kaitlin), more >>

Petria is a package – she’s sexy, smart and the funniest girl on the tour. Petria quickly cemented her reputation as class clown during the FNQ trip, when the bulk of her days were spent attempting to break coconuts open with rocks and other ineffectual tools! She’s a single girl, but she’s always on the lookout!


Age: 22 City: Melbourne Profession: pilot

“I believe in loving truly, kissing deeply, laughing uncontrollably and never regretting anything that has made me smile!”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl (with EM), more >>
DVD’s: Girls Turned On, Intimate Moments Shared 2, Intimate Moments: More Real Orgasms, Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms

Without a doubt, Sue-Ann is a lady. She’s a self-confessed “girly girl” – loving all things pink and always dressing immaculately. But don’t let her innocent façade fool you – buried not too deep beneath that sweet exterior is a roaring sexual presence that makes every shoot she’s part of the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen!


Age: 23 City: Sydney Profession: office assistant at AWHQ

“Hi, I’m Violet for abbywinters.com and I’ll be seeing you in Vegas for the AEE trade show – it’s going to be fun! I’m just one of the awesome, rad chicks coming to see you live in Vegas…watch out for us – we’re going to make a splash!”

Shoots: Solo, Intimate Moments, more >>

There’s a chatterbox in every group (actually in our case, there’s just a group of chatterboxes!) and Violet wears this hat! She’s a very smart woman, and feels very passionately about diet and nutrition – which she isn’t scared to tell everyone else about! She moved to Melbourne from Sydney especially to take part in this project (and wound up with a full-time job at AWHQ too, not bad)!

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