11 Feb 2013 abbywinters.com CEO speaks at LIFT

Garion Hall, CEO of abbywinters.com, spoke at this year’s LIFT conference in Geneva. The conference straddles the intersection of technology, culture and the media; to which Garion hall was invited to offer the oft-overlooked perspective of the ‘strongest creative industry nobody talks about’.

The LIFT conference, as Garion Hall described, is “kind of like an EU TED conference, but as it’s younger, it can be a little more flexible with its format.” Intended as an independent vehicle to agitate, educate, and organize, the conference has been held annually since 2006. Alongside MIT researcher Kate Darling, and Heather Kelley of ohmibod.com, Mr. Hall was featured in the LIFT session ‘Innovation Drivers: XXX’, focusing on the part the adult industry plays on the social impact of technology and media.

“I sometimes speak at adult industry conferences, but this is my first cross-over speaking gig,” explained Mr. Hall, going on to add, “I think there a lot the adult industry has to share. It tends to have rapid prototyping of new business models, driven by the lowest costs, and lots of AB testing to find the perfect mix.” Deviating momentarily, Mr. Hall also divulged “…I am also super excited about seeing the Large Hadron Collider (the speakers are getting a private tour!).”

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