10 Nov 2012 abbywinters.com Launches AW Education.

Life, love, relationships, and sex; all are covered in a new series of informative videos, dubbed ‘AW Ed’ by abbywinters.com. The series features abbywinters.com models, answering topical questions about being a young woman in society today. Released weekly on both the abbywinters.com and YouTube, the no-nude project debuted in early October with “What do girls look for in guys?”. Though only models are featured in AW Ed episodes thus far, as the series progresses it will include women from without the adult entertainment industry.

AW Ed attempts to illuminate the often confusing discussions of sex and sexuality with an informative and wholesome contrast. It establishes another milepost in abbywinters.com’s well established reputation to lead the industry in social responsibility and sex-positive media.

Garion Hall, CEO, explains “We’ve seen a trend in young men treating their sexual partners like the actors they see in mainstream porn. Sometimes, young women submit to this, because they believe it’s accepted and expected behaviour. While it might be fun to watch on DVD’s, it’s not always healthy for either participant. So, I hope that AW Ed gives young women a voice, so young men can treat them with the respect they deserve.”

abbywinters.com model, Renae D

abbywinters.com model, Renae D


“AW ed was very fun to participate in, as a person who simply enjoys talking, especially about oneself and her opinions” joked model Renae D, who has appeared in AW Ed herself, going further to add “Anything that creates a more complete picture of women in the context of porn is surely a good thing … a porn site can certainly be ethical and sex-positive, and I do think abbywinters.com deserves that label.”

New AW Ed updates interviewing ten or more women are released every Friday on the YouTube channel: abbywinterscom.

abbywinters.com was launched in Australia in 2000, and defined the genre of natural amateur erotic models. Going from strength to strength since inception, they employ 20 full time staff who work to evolve their product lines, to change the game. Since 2010, they have operated in Amsterdam, and continue to deliver award-winning content via their award winning website.


Primary contact: Brent Laughton. abbywinters.com BV, Postbus 3691, 1001AL, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Phone: +31 20 622 7418. brent.laughton@abbywinters.com

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