30 Mar 2007 abbywinters.com: New Girl-Girl and Masturbation DVDs Released Monthly

abbywinters.com is releasing IM5: Intimate Moments Shared and GG9: Girls in the Groove this month.

This is part of its new program of releasing one Intimate Moments [masturbation] DVD and one Girl-Girl DVD each month. Both DVDs feature entirely new footage not seen on DVD before, with content shot by abbywinters.com’s exclusive staff starring their own models who also appear on the site. The drive to increase the production of DVDs has nearly been forced upon them as DVD wholesalers, retailers and consumers have been ordering the existing DVDs by the thousands, meaning the discs are literally flying off store (and virtual store) shelves.

Producer Jo Mason said, “We’re fascinated, inspired, and of course thrilled at how well our DVDs are selling. We started making them as a side project a few years ago, but this project has since got a life of its own, and it’s all we can do to just keep up with demand. It’s unprecedented and extremely exciting.”

In speaking of the two upcoming DVDs themselves, Mason stated, “Intimate Moments Shared is an outstanding collection of erotic scenes pulled from the abbywinters.com site’s online repertoire of Double Intimate Moments, really some of the best footage on the whole site.”

Double Intimate Moments refers to a type of shoot with models in pairs but otherwise completely alone in a room with a running camera. They masturbate to genuine orgasm next to one another, and outside of that, they’re all different.

Girls In the Groove has two feature scenes. The first stars two of the site’s most popular models, who have each done a lot work on the site. “They’re also best friends off the camera,” continued Mason. “This was the very first time they have had sex together.”

The second feature scene has two more very attractive models who are extremely keen to have a good time. “Ava [one of the models] has an intense sense of eroticism, spontaneously teasing her partner and then completely, lustfully, passionately demonstrating awesome sex.” Both models orgasm, for real, several times. This scene includes anal play.

Australian website and adult media producer abbywinters.com is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet. Along with extraordinary growth in the company’s web-based business, abbywinters.com DVDs have been jumping off U.S. retail shelves as fast as they could be restocked. The reason for this popularity is apparent to anyone who has visited the website: healthy, happy, natural Aussie girls taking off their clothes, often for the first time. A refreshingly open, unaffected, fun-loving style. Passionate love-making scenes between girls who do it their own way – nothing scripted and nothing faked. A consistent presentation of genuine orgasms. And much more.

A rapidly expanding catalog of abbywinters.com DVD’s includes newly edited material published on the abbywinters.com site as well as new content shot exclusively for DVD. Since 2000, abbywinters.com has maintained its vision of shooting amateur Australian models in regular clothes, in their own bedrooms (or outside amongst Australia’s flora), many with full pubic hair. The abbywinters.com site has three distinct sections: solo shoots (stills and video); “Intimate Moments,” a video-only section showing models masturbating to orgasm; and a girl-girl section (stills and video). The website is updated daily with new material shot by the in-house all-female crew, some of whom are ex-models , and is completely exclusive to abbywinters.com.

For enquires about abbywinters.com:
Abby Winters
PO Box 343, Fitzroy VIC, Australia

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