16 Jul 2007 abbywinters.com opens new production office in Sydney, doubling production

Australian website abbywinters.com, leading producer of solo and lesbian erotica, announces the opening of a second Australian office for the singular purpose of producing more content. The new office is located in Sydney, where the company actually began seven years ago. For the past four years the sole office has been in Melbourne, where the content has been produced and edited, and where website maintenance, billing operations and other business aspects have transpired.

The new Sydney office is allowing the website to double its production, reinforcing its stature as a major player in the online adult industry worldwide. With a talented production staff – still all-female – and the untapped potential of a major metropolitan city as a source of new models, the content coming out of the Sydney operation has already proven phenomenal.

“It’s significant that we opened a new production office when we decided we needed more content,” states Sydney general manager and company vice president Jo Mason. “The vast majority of other sites don’t produce their content themselves; they merely purchase it from suppliers. The few that do produce their own tend to supplement with externally sourced content when they need more. By always producing our own, we maintain our incredibly high technical standards and keep our aesthetics consistent. After all, it’s quite popular as it is. Anything externally produced would only diminish the overall quality of the website.”

The increased production will allow the website to put up content of an even higher calibre, using only the best of what is produced from both cities. The site’s two DVD lines (one of girl-girl videos, one of masturbation videos) can be expanded, and rumor is there’s a third DVD line in planning: group shoots.

The website has hinted at splitting up into three daughter sites: a solo site, a girl-girl site and a video-only masturbation site. The site split will demand a greater quantity of each type of shoot, a demand filled by the new Sydney operation.

“It’s going to be tops,” says parent company G Media’s CEO, Garion Hall. Hall has been in the Sydney office for the first few weeks of operation, assisting. “There’s so much wonderful, fresh female talent in the production team here. It’s inspiring just being around this exuberant, vivacious group of women.”

Bela, lead videographer in Sydney, is equally excited. “I filmed a sample shoot down in Melbourne a few months ago and loved the family feel of the company and the sexiness of the videos. The Sydney operation, though, is going to be unbearably good. With my background in short film and as a TV producer, I’m going to personally ensure each and every video we make here is stunning. A big part of the abbywinters.com concept is its distinctive lighting, and lighting is my particular strength. Coupled with my respect for the glorious natural beauty of the women being filmed and the realism of the scenes, the videos I make can’t help but blow the viewer away.”

abbywinters.com has reported steady growth over the past several years with no signs of slowing. The new Sydney operation also sets a template that could potentially be used to open other production offices in other cities with Australia or around the globe. Look out, world!

Australian website and adult media producer abbywinters.com is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet. Along with extraordinary growth in the company’s web-based business, abbywinters.com DVDs have been jumping off U.S. retail shelves as fast as they could be restocked. The content focuses on healthy, happy, natural Aussie girls getting naked. Passionate love-making scenes between girls who do it their own way – nothing scripted and nothing faked. Genuine masturbation by girls in private, getting off for the camera without direction. And much more.

Since 2000, abbywinters.com has maintained its vision of shooting amateur Australian models in regular clothes, in their own bedrooms (or outside amongst Australia’s flora), many with full pubic hair. The abbywinters.com site has three distinct sections: solo shoots (stills and video); “Intimate Moments,” a video-only section showing models masturbating to orgasm; and a girl-girl section (stills and video). The website is updated daily with new material completely exclusive to abbywinters.com and shot by the in-house all-female crew.

To learn about becoming an affiliate, visit affiliates.abbywinters.com.

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