28 Aug 2007 abbywinters.com releases Girls Go Hardcore and Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms

Leading adult website abbywinters.com announces two new DVDs: Girls Go Hardcore and Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms. With two other new titles already out this month, August has been a banner month in production at the Australian company.

Girls Go Hardcore Girls Go Hardcore, featuring Shane paired first with Fallon and then with Laurin, is one of the most intense DVDs to come from abbywinters.com – boisterous and sexy, featuring rough lesbian fucking. Tattooed and wearing spiked wristbands, Shane completely dominates both of her partners, taking them for wild rides with intense, frequent and noisy orgasms, all real.

Yet the intensity is balanced by tenderness and intimacy. Slow moments. Hand holding. Open communication. Passionate unscripted girl-girl sex as only abbywinters.com can do.

“Laurin was reserved but very responsive,” says Shane. “And Fallon and I just clicked sexually. The whole thing came so naturally and Fallon came so many times… it was total pleasure doing these shoots. Both times I left on a high.”

Like all abbywinters girl-girl shoots, these scenes are completely spontaneous and unscripted. Girls Go Hardcore also includes a great Behind The Scenes feature from Shane’s and Fallon’s shoot, unavailable elsewhere. The twelfth DVD release in the abbywinters.com Girl-Girl line, Girls Go Hardcore was released on 24 August 2007.

Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms This month also marks the release of Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms, on 31 August. Intimate Orgasms features seven masturbation scenes and a special introduction by Susie, former model and producer of many of disc’s scenes. Some of the scenes on Intimate Orgasms feature just one girl and some feature two girls masturbating side by side. Like all Intimate Moments on the abbywinters.com site and DVD, the girls are left alone in a room with a rolling video camera and bring themselves to orgasm however they want.

Intimate Moments: Intimate Orgasms features some of abbywinters.com’s most popular models in some unusual and exciting masturbation scenes: A scene with zen hippie Jilly’s joyride with her first vibrator; Sue-Ann’s first solo Intimate Moment to appear on DVD; Paula, last seen in the extremely popular Girls in the Groove. In the “double” scenes, including a wild set featuring Jilly and Gabrielle, the excitement is not only about the masturbation and the orgasms but also about the interactions between the two models.

Trailers for these discs as well as all abbywinters.com discs in print can be found on the updated dvd.abbywinters.com, along with sample images, textual guides and ordering information for the entire catalogue.

abbywinters.com: Hot girls. Real sex. Real orgasms. Passionate. Unscripted.

The Australian website and adult media producer abbywinters.com is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet. The content focuses on healthy, happy, natural Aussie girls getting naked. Passionate love-making scenes between girls who do it their own way – nothing scripted and nothing faked. Genuine masturbation by girls in private, getting off for the camera without direction. And much more.

Since 2000, abbywinters.com has maintained its vision of shooting amateur Australian models in regular clothes, in their own bedrooms (or outside amongst Australia’s flora), many with full pubic hair. The abbywinters.com site has three distinct sections: solo shoots (stills and video); “Intimate Moments,” a video-only section showing models masturbating to orgasm; and a girl-girl section (stills and video). The website is updated daily with new material completely exclusive to abbywinters.com and shot by the in-house all-female crew.

DVD information: dvd.abbywinters.com
Press information: press.abbywinters.com
General inquiries: abby@abbywinters.com

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