1 Aug 2007 abbywinters.com releases IM8: Intimate Moments Shared 2

abbywinters.com announces the release of Intimate Moments Shared 2, a DVD with the theme of two girls masturbating side by side and the eighth DVD in abbywinters.com’s Intimate Moments masturbation series.

Intimate Moments Shared 2 The concept or two girls masturbating together is intriguing in its own right. Here it’s especially so because of the abbywinters.com style of Intimate Moments masturbation videos: leave the girls alone in the room with a rolling video camera and let them go for it. There’s no script, no acting, no director, no camerawoman. And most importantly, there’s no faking. All of the orgasms on this DVD (and there’s dozens) are real.

“Each girl is unique,” says DVD producer Jo Mason, “as is her masturbation style. Put two girls in a room together and watch as this fascinating, sexy psychological experiment unfolds. What is in the female psyche when she is arguably at her horniest? These models (aged 19-25) are still exploring their sexualities and own sexual boundaries, and this is where they are uninhibited and totally turned on. The results are breathtaking, and we’re thrilled to be able to share them.”

The seven pairs of models have varying reactions to each other, from pervy looks to deep kissing, from discussing technique to having full-on sex. In each case, the models are completely spontaneous, often not having met their partners until the day of the shoot.

Susie, former abbywinters.com model and producer of many of these Intimate Moments scenes, says “The chemistry in these performances is unbelievable. We provide a relaxed atmosphere, a partner, and a promise of respect. What we get is an utter abandonment of fear and a sexual transcendence. Every time I see one of these scenes I think, ‘Thank God we had the camera rolling!'”

The disc follows the popular IM5: Intimate Moments Shared, which was the first disc to feature only Double Intimate Moments masturbation scenes. Other discs in the IM series show single girls getting off or a mix of scenes, some with solos some with doubles. They are all available from the DVD portal dvd.abbywinters.com, along with the company’s Girl-Girl line. More Intimate Moments scenes are also available from the abbywinters.com website.

abbywinters.com: Hot girls. Real sex. Real orgasms. Passionate. Unscripted.

The Australian website and adult media producer abbywinters.com is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet. The content focuses on healthy, happy, natural Aussie girls getting naked. Passionate love-making scenes between girls who do it their own way – nothing scripted and nothing faked. Genuine masturbation by girls in private, getting off for the camera without direction. And much more.

Since 2000, abbywinters.com has maintained its vision of shooting amateur Australian models in regular clothes, in their own bedrooms (or outside amongst Australia’s flora), many with full pubic hair. The abbywinters.com site has three distinct sections: solo shoots (stills and video); “Intimate Moments,” a video-only section showing models masturbating to orgasm; and a girl-girl section (stills and video). The website is updated daily with new material completely exclusive to abbywinters.com and shot by the in-house all-female crew.

DVD information: dvd.abbywinters.com
Press information: press.abbywinters.com
General inquiries: abby@abbywinters.com

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