4 Dec 2012 Inside AW: 2012 Keynote speakers retrospective

Drawing it’s name originally from the lowest note within a musical scale; ‘keynote’ denotes a leading item from which an entire set of related ideas can be abstracted.  As 2012 draws to a close, abbywinters.com reflects upon a colourful string of ‘keynote speakers’, invited to the abbywinters.com offices to engage the staff. All manner of industry leaders have come to the quaint offices in central Amsterdam to impart anecdotes and aphorism garnered from their unique path through this often unpredictable industry.

From lauded entrepreneurs, to game-changing marketers, to upstanding activists; abbywinters has hosted Dan O’Connell (GirlfriendsFilms.com), Mark (littlemutt.com), Joan Irvine (IFFOR), Patrick ‘the Hun’ (TheHun.net), JT (PornTube.com), Viv Thomas (VivThomas.com), Kim Nielsen (ATKingdom.com), Basil (WeAreHairy.com), and Vegas Ken (thebestporn.com); each bringing a unique perspective forth for discussion.

“It’s common in larger mainstream companies, and so clearly valuable,” explained CEO Garion Hall on why he started this practice, “We hoped it’d cause staff to consider our place in the broader picture, and it has certainly done that. And, we have found some great friends from doing it as well. It’s really been better than we expected, and I hope we can do even more in the future.”

Reflecting on his visit JT, Founder of YouPorn.com said “It was a pleasure to be asked to give a Keynote speech to the staff at abbywinters.com. We did a lot of business with them at YouPorn and continue to do so with PornTube.com4tube.com and fux.com. The AW offices are in a beautiful building right in the heart of Amsterdam, and the prominent ice cream logo on the brass plaque made me smile. It’s a very vibrant, open plan office and everyone seemed excited to see me.  A stool was waiting for me in the middle of their common room, surrounded by sofas. The staff seemed to take pleasure in asking the daring questions they ought not have, and this made my hour long journey reminiscing about the life of The YouPorn Guy an enjoyable and somewhat emotional experience… I miss YouPorn so much! Great company, great office and it was a privilege to get to know the team behind one of my favourite brands. ”

“Meeting up with the crew at Abbywinters.com was a fantastic experience for us at ATKingdom.com,” described Kim Nielsen, owner of ATKingdom.com, going on to add “We have always shared a common bond because of the similar customer-focused orientation that both our companies share. However, meeting their staff in person and sharing stories and experiences certainly served to reinforce what we had always instinctively known and we are certainly very pleased to continue to strengthen our cooperation with the excellent people at abbywinters.com.”

“I don’t get to tell the story very often, so it was very exciting to be asked to discuss Girlfriends Films’ history and goals with the abbywinters.com staff,” expounded Dan O’Connell, owner of Girlfriendsfilms.com, “Despite our geographic differences, our two companies are uniquely similar in many respects.  We both face the same difficulties in finding the best girls for the job and then delivering the finest productions possible.  Both companies have benefited by learning from the other.  We have always had great respect for abbywinters’ pioneering efforts as well as its current leadership in the on-line world.”

When asked on her experience as a keynote speaker industry advocate Joan Irvine had plenty to say, “As the Executive Director of the International Foundation for Online Responsibility and prior to that CEO of ASACP, I’ve met with many companies in the last 10 years. But abbywinters stands out. The twice I’ve been to Amsterdam, they’ve asked me to speak with their entire staff.  There is a saying that information is power and abbywinters’ business philosophy is to have an informed and involved staff. Abbywinters gives their staff the opportunity to learn and ask questions. In addition, I learned that they encourage their staff to read specific business books and then have discussions about how to use this information at abbywinters. I believe that this creates a better work environment. So, it’s easy to see how abbywinters has developed such a good reputation and loyal staff.”

Patrick, or ‘the Hun’ as he is better known, reflected warmly on his visit to abbywinters.com, “It was great meeting the abbywinters crew, a very eager and enthusiastic group! It was great to exchange experiences and to get questions from the group that kept the talk going on going… We’ll just have to plan another meeting one of these days!”

“It was a great evening, very personal. After a few drinks and stories, I think we each got to ‘put a face to the name’ of our sites,” commented lauded photographer and entrepreneur Viv Thomas. Basil, founder of WeAreHairy.com, remarked, “WeAreHairy.com and abbywinters.com go way back; it was a lot like catching up with an old friend.”

Such it is that by having experienced and respected guests abbywinters.com might extend a ‘scale’ from each guest speech, to better know the industry it inhabits.

abbywinters.com was launched in Australia in 2000, and defined the genre of natural amateur erotic models. Going from strength to strength since inception, they employ 20 full time staff who work to evolve their product lines, to change the game. Since 2010, they have operated in Amsterdam, and continue to deliver award-winning content via their award winning website.

abbywinters.com BV, Postbus 3691, 1001AL, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Phone: +31 20 622 7418.

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